Pharmakovigilanz, PV-Systeme und PSURs von Diapharm Dr. Ebeling & Assoc GmbH B.A.H WIDI Dr. Ebeling & Assoc GmbH Pharmakovigilanz, PV-Systeme und PSURs von Diapharm



The selling price of a PSUR is essentially determined by the number of literature references included in the PSUR. This is established by means of research carried out in advance. The PSUR is then ranged into one of six categories (0 - 5, 6 - 10, 11 - 20, 21 - 40, 41 - 60 und > 60 PSUR relevant publications).

The price of a PSUR (including the integration of customer specific data, see "Service Spectrum") for a specific active substance varies according to the number of referenced publications. The price for combinations of active substances is based on the total number of references for all substances included.

The price is charged irrespective of the actual number of PSUR users, as long as the PSUR can be produced within economically acceptable limits.

If you take part in the BAH project "Signal Management and CoBRA®", we allow a discount on the PSUR price which is dependent on whether CoBRA® data are available for the complete reporting period or only part of it. The discount is 4% per quarter to a maximum of 48%.